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About Me

Hey I'm Coach Donald!  Owner of Global Human Performance, I'm here to help you succeed, win, and become a better you.  I'm a gym owner, strength coach, track coach, athlete, traveler, and many other things.  This includes being a lover of pastries and telling long stories.  

Why You Should Join Me

As a part of our network, you will be led by me, having your health needs met via direct coaching, having training information provided for advisement, being entertained, educated, and motivated by me, and networking with our community of exceptional people.  

I've led hundreds of athletes improve their speed in sport, reduce or remove old injuries and aches in adults, and push others to get the bodies they want.  Will you be next?

I'm a certified strength and conditioning specialist, USA Track & Field certified coach, and hold a Master's in Exercise Physiology.

I'm occasionally and unpredictably funny (read: rarely)

A Big Thanks

I appreciate all of the members and supporters in GHP's network helping us help so many people!